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Lung Cancer Associated Fibroblasts

肺がん間質線維芽細胞 (5×105 個)

商品コード HNSC.CLAF-500
組織 がん
価格 ¥109,000
推奨培地(別売り) HLCAF.E.MEDIA-450
出荷温度 ドライアイス 保存 液体窒素(-70℃以下)
製品説明 Human Lung Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (LCAF) are fibro-blast cells isolated from human primary non-small cell lung cancer tumors. LCAF can be successfully cultured for multiple passages although the upper pass number is not known. The following is the recommended protocol for thawing and subculturing of these cells.
参考文献 1. Highly Variable Response to Cytotoxic Chemotherapy in Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) From Lung and Breast. Sonnenberg M, van der Kuip H, Haubeisz S, Fritz P, Schroth W, Friedel G, Simon W, Murd-ter TE, Aulitzky WE. BMC Cancer. 2008 Dec 11;8(1):364.
2. Proliferative Stimulus of Lung Fibroblasts on Lung Cancer Cells Is Impaired by the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-Products. Bartling B, Demling N, Silber RE, Simm A. Am. J.Resp. Cell Mol. Bio. 2006. 34:83-91.
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