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品名 Lung Cancer Tumor Samples
商品コード HLC.TS-1
組織 がん
価格 ¥273,000
出荷温度 ドライアイス 保存 液体窒素(-70℃以下)
製品説明 CET collects lung cancer tumor samples from patients who have been given full informed consent and are knowledgable of their donations. All of this is done with appropriate institutional review board policy in place. Tumor samples are unique and frozen in cryopreservation media at the time of collection. Basic demographic and staging information is listed below. Full demographic information is available upon calling CET. Tumor samples are suitable for DNA and RNA isolation, microarray and proteomic analysis. Non-resected tumor samples are available from bronchoscopic procedures as well. CET can perform custom total RNA isolation and/or amplification and microarray analysis for differential gene expression from any tumor sample listed for an additional fee.
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